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Language training courses

Do you want to prepare yourself for the Inburgeringsexam or Staatsexam I or II?

Join us if you want to learn Dutch in an interactive, effective and personal way!

  • A personal approach is guaranteed
  • Master educated and certified teacher who is motivated and enthusiastic to teach you Dutch!
  • Day & evening courses
  • Practical and personal focus
  • Small groups
  • Practice your Dutch directly

New courses starting in May 2018!

Basic Dutch Course A1

For those who don’t speak dutch yet

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Inburgeringsexam A2

If you are able to speak a little bit of dutch you can enter the follow-up course

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Dutch Program for Children

For Children of Basisschool De Bosuil Eindhoven

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Staatsexamen NT2 – 1 (Level B1)

With the right methods and knowledge we get you ready to take the state exam I & II.

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Staatsexamen NT2 – 2 (Level B2)

With the right methods and knowledge we get you ready to take the state exam I & II.

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More courses:


Would you like to be able to communicate better in the Dutch language?
Would you like to improve your pronunciation?

You will learn how to speak with more fluently and correctly by using day today topics. For example: study, work, discussing current topics in the news, travel, etc. During the course we will work on grammar and pronunciation. The latter will improve with the practice during the course. Your confidence for speaking Dutch will grow and it will be easier to do so, outside the course in the real world.

Dutch language training courses for employees (Nederlands op de werkvloer)

Do you have (temporary) employees working for you who are not familiar enough with the Dutch language? Is work safety important to you and your company? Would you like your employees to understand and follow given instructions?

The main purpose of Dutch language training course for the labour market, is to have employees function better on the job.
Employees are better equipped for the workplace after completion of this training course. Comprehension of the Dutch language is practised in a practical work setting and is also tested in the same way.

During the course the main focus lies on communication with each other while on the job.
If it is required, the course will work towards passing the National State Exam NT2 level 1. With this diploma the employer knows thah his employees have the comprehension level of the Dutch language, enough so that they are able to function on a medium/ high level within the company.
Basten Trainingen is mentioned in the brochure and the information on the State Exam NT2 level 1 can be found on Examples of the exam are also found on this website.
The costs of the course and exams are usually financed through the trainings budget that each employee has. It is also possible to use the O&O (opleidings- & ontwikkelingsfonds / education and development fund) or the training fund within the work sector.

Dutch language training courses are available for the following sectors:

  • Administration
  • Construction
  • Bakery
  • Retail trade
  • Healthcare
  • Graphic Design
  • Soil-water-road construction
  • Wholesale trade
  • Trade
  • Hotel and catering industry
  • Installation technology
  • Metal
  • Fashion and Textile
  • Motor vehicles technic
  • Cleaning
  • Butcher/ Meat sector
  • Transport
  • Beauty and cosmetics

 Dutch for youth and children

The better youth/ children are able to speak and understand the Dutch language the easier it is for them to function, fit into society. Increasing the Dutch language skill is the mail goal during this course.
Basten Trainingen offers the possibility for youth/ children to work on their school-language, Dutch sayings, expressions and increase their vocabulary comprehension. Students receive personal tips and tricks of the trade. This all to improve their spoken and comprehensive skills.

The course is for youth/ children who don’t speak the Dutch language at home, or very little. This course is also suitable for children who have been raised bi-lingual or multi-lingual.

During the lessons we work with various methods that are keyed into reducing the language deficiencies in the Dutch language. The study method Taallijn is used during the course. (Expertise centrum Nederlands en Sardes vanuit het Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap = Expert centre Dutch and Sardis advised by the Education, Culture and Science Ministry)


(Intensive) Dutch Course

Individual (Intensive) Language Course Dutch/ English
Group courses
Evening language course

These courses cater for children, youth and adults.
They are specifically for people who want to learn the language fast for school, work or for civic intergration.
We get you ready for life in the Dutch or English language. And if required we will focus on and prepare you for the State Exam I & II.

Content course: (possibility to intensify)

  • Intake to determine start level
  • Learning daily conversational skills for social use (school/ work)
  • Emphasis on pronunciation and audio comprehension
  • Getting to know Dutch habits and customs
  • Increasing vocabulary (also possible for certain work fields in required)
  • Course is adjusted for individual situation/ requirements
  • Testing to determine final level with CEF (European framework)
  • Maximum group size 5 people