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Basic Dutch Course (level A1)

For those who don’t speak Dutch yet.

What do you learn in 10 weeks, 2 hours per week?


You can interact in a simple way provided the other person is prepared to repeat or rephrase things at a slower rate of speech.  You will be able to ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics. You can use simple phrases and sentences to describe where you live and people you know.


You can recognise familiar words and very basic phrases concerning yourself, your family and immediate concrete surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly.


You can understand familiar names, words and very simple sentences, for example on notices and posters or in catalogues.


You  can write a short, simple postcard, for example sending holiday greetings. You can fill in forms with personal details, for example entering my name, nationality and address on a hotel registration form.

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