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(Speed) Language Course Dutch

Individual (Speed) Language Course Dutch/ English
Group courses
Evening language course

These courses cater for children, youth and adults.
They are specifically for people who want to learn the language fast for school, work or for civic intergration.
We get you ready for life in the Dutch or English language. And if required we will focus on and prepare you for the State Exam I & II.

Content course: (possibility to intensify)

  • Intake to determine start level
  • Learning daily conversational skills for social use (school/ work)
  • Emphasis on pronunciation and audio comprehension
  • Getting to know Dutch habits and customs
  • Increasing vocabulary (also possible for certain work fields in required)
  • Course is adjusted for individual situation/ requirements
  • Testing to determine final level with CEF (European framework)
  • Maximum group size 6 people