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Dutch Language Training courses for employees

Do you have (temporary) employees working for you who are not familiar enough with the Dutch language? Is work safety important to you and your company? Would you like your employees to understand and follow given instructions?

The main purpose of Dutch language training course for the labour market, is to have employees function better on the job.
Employees are better equipped for the workplace after completion of this training course. Comprehension of the Dutch language is practised in a practical work setting and is also tested in the same way.

During the course the main focus lies on communication with each other while on the job.

If it is required, the course will work towards passing the National State Exam NT2 level 1. With this diploma the employer knows that his employees have the comprehension level of the Dutch language, enough so that they are able to function on a medium/ high level within the company.

Basten Trainingen is mentioned in the brochure and the information on the State Exam NT2 level 1 can be found on Examples of the exam are also found on this website.
The costs of the course and exams are usually financed through the trainings budget that each employee has. It is also possible to use the O&O (opleidings- & ontwikkelingsfonds / education and development fund) or the training fund within the work sector.

Dutch Language Training courses are available for the following sectors:

  • Administration
  • Construction
  • Bakery
  • Retail trade
  • Healthcare
  • Graphic Design
  • Soil-water-road construction
  • Wholesale trade
  • Trade
  • Hotel and catering industry
  • Installation technology
  • Metal
  • Fashion and Textile
  • Motor vehicles technic
  • Cleaning
  • Butcher/ Meat sector
  • Transport
  • Beauty and cosmetics

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